Extensive Connectivity

Multiple network interfaces

Wide Temperature

Reliable and high performance

Remote Monitoring

Backend management and
cloud integration

Data Transmission

Real-time, efficient synchronization

Smart Gateway

An industrial gateway serves as the link between industrial networks and other networks
or cloud services. It connects industrial equipment, sensors, and control systems with
information technologies, such as IoT and big data analytics, enabling data processing,
distribution, and control at the edge.

Extensive Connectivity

Provide multiple connection options,
including wired connection (Ethernet and
serial ports) and wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth,
and LoRa), for different industrial
environments and needs.

Wide Temperature

Ensure reliable and outstanding performance
in extreme cold and heat.

Remote Monitoring

Support backend management and seamless
cloud integration, such as private cloud and
Alibaba Cloud.

Application Scenarios
Internet of Things

Connect devices and platforms for data collection, analysis, remote control,
and interconnectivity.

Industrial Automation

Connect equipment, sensors, and systems for monitoring and optimizing
during the manufacturing process.

Smart Home

Serve as a controller to connect smart devices such as lighting and appliances
for home automation.

Smart City

Connect infrastructure such as traffic signals, security systems, and
environmental monitoring.

Transportation and Logistics

Enable vehicle tracking, logistics monitoring, and traffic optimization to
improve traffic flow and logistics efficiency.

Finance and Retail

Connect and manage payment terminals, vending machines, and more.

Discover More Smart Gateway Options
Quad-Core IoT
64-bit Cortex-A35 processor
Multiple Network
5G/4G mobile networks, dual Gigabit
Ethernet, and more
Fanless Wide-Temperature
Ensure reliable and outstanding

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