In the voice call scenario, when real-time voice calls between two or more parties (such as a multi-person conference) are required, external speakers are usually used for playback,  and this will inevitably produce echoes. If the echoes are not processed, shocks and howling are prone to occur,  which will affect the call  quality and user experience. Echo cancellation is to eliminate the sound played by the speakers in the collected microphone sound, so that the sound recorded by the microphone is only the voice of the user.


  Traditional echo cancellation solutions use hardware methods  to integrate DSP processing chip on hardware circuit, which greatly increases R&D costs. Firefly echo cancellation technology integrates the powerful echo cancellation function of iFlytek with the RK3399 platform; through the fusion algorithm and its own audio chip, it can achieve effective echo cancellation without adding an additional DSP processing chip. While meeting the needs of users, it greatly reduces R&D costs and lowers the threshold for users to use echo cancellation. Compared with traditional solutions, it has a higher cost performance.


  Firefly provides a Demo program to show echo cancellation, which can cancel the echo generated by external speakers during the call.



1. AIO-3399C (AI) customized mainboard (Contact us at for ROM version)

2. Speaker

3. Monitor

4. Mobile phone


1. Install linphone_downcc.apk on AIO-3399C (AI) customized mainboard and on mobile phone.

2. Connect the mainboard to the speaker and the monitor, power on.

3. Open the APK on the mainboard and the mobile phone; register different accounts to call each other.

4. Dial the mobile phone number on the mainboard, or dial the mainboard number on the mobile phone to test.



1. AIO-3399C (AI) ROM (Code: avgo)

2. linphone_downcc.apk (Code:1234)