ARM Cluster Server

The server can be configured with up to 10 RK3588S computing units and virtualizes 100 mobile phones. Operating multiple instances of a game
or an application at once and running various operating system are supported. BMC remote management system that supports secondary
development is installed. The server can be applied to virtual desktop, cloud phone, blockchain, cloud gaming, facial recognition server, etc.

RK3588S computing units

Up to 10 RK3588S 8-core 64-bit computing units can be configured, with each core frequency up to 2.4GHz, 6Tops computing power and
80-core edge computing power. Each computing unit can be configured with 16GB LPDDR4 and 128GB eMMC large capacity storage,
which can meet application requirements with large storage.

Run multiple instances of a game, no pressure

The Benchmark score of a single computing unit is as high as 639132, which can easily run various heavy games. Running multiple instances
of mobile games, PC games and Android emulators is supported. There is no issue to run up to 50 Honor of Kings or 20 Genshin Impact at
the same time.

Safe and high-speed network communication

With 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the server supports simultaneous access to multiple operator networks. Supporting network isolation,
link aggregation, network load balancing, data usage limit, it ensures the security and reliability of the network communication.

BMC remote management system

With BMC remote management system, it easily achieves real-time monitoring, software configuration, hardware management,
troubleshooting and system upgrade. The system supports secondary development.

Reliable and efficient modular design

The power supply, fan, network and storage adopt modular design. Hot swapping is supported,
which enables easy and more efficient server operation and maintenance.

Standard 1U rack server

With standard 1U rack server chassis design, its depth is 576mm, fully matching most types of cabinets in the data center.

Support various operating systems

It supports Android, Ubuntu, Linux operating systems —— stable and reliable .

A wide range of usage scenarios

It can be widely applied to cloud phone, virtual desktop, edge computing, cloud gaming, cloud storage, blockchain,
multi-channel video decoding, app cloning, etc.

Cloud storage

Cloud Gaming

App Cloning

Multi-channel Video Decoding And Encoding

Virtual Desktop

Block chain


Basic Specifications
Basic Specifications

1U cloud phone server based on RK3588S




ARM architecture


Support Android, Ubuntu and Linux

Application Scenario

Cloud phone, virtual desktop, edge computing, cloud gaming, cloud storage, blockchain,

multi-channel video encoding and decoding, etc.

Compute Module

11 compute modules

Total Cores

11 compute modules (A total of 86 ARM cores)

Core Board

RK3588S core board (Core-3588SJD4)

8-core 64-bit processor (4×Cortex-A76+4×Cortex-A55), clock speed up to 2.4GHz, NPU up to 6.0Tops

RK3399 (AI) core board (Core-3399-JD4) ×1:

6-core 64-bit processor (A72×2 + A53×4), clock speed up to 1.8GHz, applied to BMC management


16GB LPDDR4 (each core board Core-3588SJD4)


128GB eMMC internal memory (each core board Core-3588SJD4)

3.5”hard drive can be configured with one SATA/SSD (support hot swapping)

BMC Module

Integrated BMC management system provides management interface based on Web.

This system supports secondary development.


1GE RJ45 network ports ×4 (one main core board network port and three ordinary network ports)

4G/LTE/5G network (optional)


HDMI 2.0, up to 4K@60Hz (main processor core board display)


USB2.0 HOST ×2

Type-C ×1 (for processor core board debugging)

Indicator Light

11 network status indicator light (Yellow)

11 working status indicator light (Green)

Fan Module

5 high-speed cooling fans

Power Module

300W AC power (input: 100V AC~240V AC)

Appearance & Environment

Standard 1U rack-mounted server: 490mm x 390mm x 44.4mm

Operating Temperature

0ºC - 50ºC

Operating Humidity