Face Recognition Precision Marketing


  With the development of science and technology, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing have gradually been applied to the retail chain industry, promoting the transformation of traditional retail into new retail, and how to achieve precision marketing and refined management has become a modern business operation problem. Face Recognition Precision Marketing Solution combines face attribute recognition, data analysis, and integration of sales systems to provide lightweight intelligent store services for new retailers.



  Face Recognition Precision Marketing Solution, based on a high-performance open source platform and fused with face recognition technology, realizes real-time capture of the customers’ faces, and accurate identification of various facial attributes such as age, gender, attractiveness and number of visits; realizes precise personalized push, and integration of sales system; through past purchase history, customers' recent purchase records and visit records, it provides targeted recommendations and improves the order rate.


EC-A3399C (AI) Computer + Camera




(1)High-performance open source firmware platform

  Equipped with powerful ARM 6-core CPU and on-board AI NPU, the computer has strong computing power and super high performance; it can quickly and accurately recognize and detect faces, and support simultaneous recognition of multiple faces.


(2) Facial attribute recognition, precise personalized push

  Based on the face recognition and tracking function, the camera captures the faces of customers entering the store in real time, recognizes attributes such as age, gender and number of visits to the store; it can determine member identity, push discount information, execute precise personalized push to promote consumption based on the member’s past purchase history.


(3) Attractive AI games, interactive marketing

  Play interesting AI interactive games with customers through face recognition showing their gender, age, and attractiveness to attract customers to the store and increase the number of the subscriber’s followers. 


(4) Integration of sales systems

   Configured with ERP system, a perfect sales system with functions such as purchase, sales, inventory, finance, information, etc., it solves the tracking management of all business documents of order, purchase, quotation, sales, return and inventory; and it combines the status of goods, suppliers and customers, making easy consistent management of accounts and materials.


(5) Mini program, remote monitoring

  Bind the WeChat mini program to monitor the real-time situation of the store anywhere and anytime, and you can check the real-time sales, the number of orders and unprocessed orders of the day. The store operations are all in control.



It can be widely used in malls, supermarkets, stores, enterprises, factories, etc.


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