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Know us
T-Chip Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company which focus on hardware and software technology services , is committed to reducing the threshold of technological innovation, to speed up the integration of intelligent technology and life. In 2014, we set up Firefly team, provide innovative, open, simple, high-performance products for enterprises, teams and makers. We release abundant platforms, attract more and more developers lighting up their ideas on our platforms.
We have hardware, software, cloud and production of one-stop service capabilities.
  • Hardware

    Familiar with circuit design, PCB Layout, certification and production

  • Embedded

    Years of experience in embedded and driver development

  • System

    Familiar with Linux, Android optimization and customization

  • Application

    Years of experience in Android, iOS, Linux app and web development

  • Now

    “Make technology more simple, Make life more intelligent”...

  • 2014

    "Firefly Team" was established For enterprises and makers to provide open source and innovative platforms

  • 2009

    T-Chip electronic technology Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2005年

    T-Chip Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2016

    Name changed to “T-Chip Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.”

  • 2010

    First launched Android system Tablet PC solution Become a well-known Android tablet PC solution provider

  • 2008

    Become an outstanding Solution provider of Rockchip

Enterprise Honor
  • National High-Tech Enterprise

  • Innovation Entrepreneurship Award

  • Science and Technology Progress Award

  • Postgraduate Workstation

Contact us


Room 2101, Hongyu Building, #57 Zhongshan 4Rd, East District, Zhongshan Guangdong.


(+86) 18688117175

(+86) 0760-89881218 8610

(+86)0760-89881218 8678


Business : sales@t-firefly.com

Application : apply@t-firefly.com

Customization : product@t-firefly.com

Education : education@t-firefly.com

Recruitment : hr@t-chip.com.cn

Technical Support

Comprehensive : service@t-firefly.com

MiniPC Group (QQ) : 431139193 ( Full )



Fireduino Group (QQ) : 450340779