HD Resolution

Ensure sharper, more detailed image

Smart Interaction

Immersive and interactive experience


Seamless and simultaneous control

Intelligent System

Streamline development process

Smart Display

The smart display solution integrates advanced information technology, sensors, data
analysis, and AI into visual products. With a range of unique advantages, our products
greatly enhance the visual experience and information delivery capabilities.

HD Display

Push the boundaries of HD large displays.
From 4K to 8K resolution, our products deliver
sharp, true-to-life picture quality through
cutting-edge technology and intelligent

Smart Interaction

A new level of immersive, interactive
experience with gesture, touch, and voice
recognition technology. Your gesture and
voice bring contents to life.


Simultaneously control multiple displays. No
more screen limitations. Expand your visual

Application Scenarios
Digital Advertising and Marketing

Create eye-catching digital ads and interactive signage for indoor and
outdoor displays.

Collaborative Meetings

Enable remote collaboration, data sharing, and communication in meeting
rooms for enhanced productivity.

Retail Business

Provide personalized shopping experiences and interactive shopping in digital
branding and product showcases.

Education and Training

Foster interactive teaching and learning environments in classrooms and training centers.


Enable production line monitoring and manufacturing data display to
improve efficiency.


Deliver immersive experiences in theaters and performance venues for

Explore a Wide Range of Products
Octa-Core 64-Bit
ARM core with a frequency of up to 1.8GHz
Maximum DDR and eMMC capacity
8K Video Encoding
and Decoding
Stunning clarity in every pixel

Business Customization

We offer one-stop customized services, excellent products and sales platforms, and invite distributors to join us.