With over a decade of experience in product design, R&D, and manufacturing, Firefly not
only consistently launches market-ready standard products, but also provides
customized services, including hardware, software, devices, and OEM.

We provide customized services, including core boards, backplanes, industry products, and more.

Core Boards

We offer DDR and eMMC brand selection, memory and storage capacity adjustments, and flexible pinout customization. Additionally, we can design core boards in various shapes and sizes, such as board-to-board, gold fingers, BGA, LGA, and more.


After you select Firefly's core boards, we can redesign the backplane PCB and provide minor adjustments to our backplanes to meet your interface and functionality needs. You can choose not to solder components for cost savings during the production process.

Industry Products

Based on your business needs, we can suggest suitable hardware platforms, customize integrated mainboards, and collaborate on certifications and functional testing.

Cooperation Process
Step 1: Discuss your needs
Step 2: Technical evaluation
Step 3: Business negotiation
Step 4: Project initiation
Step 5: Development and implementation
Step 6: Acceptance testing
Step 7: Mass production

A full range of customized services. With over 70 senior engineers, we offer professional support for ID/MD design, custom mainboards, samples, and mass production.

Comprehensive Customization

Our customized services meet all your needs, from ID/MD design and schematic layout to PCB production, from embedded system and application development to packaging design.

Micro Customization

We offer customization options, including mainboard silkscreen, custom logo printing, custom boot logos, personalized desktops, custom packaging, hardware interfaces, and software.

Custom Logo
Personalized Desktop
BSP Customization

1. Provide support for Kernel and u-boot. Ensure functioning drivers and peripherals. Validate
hardware specifications, performance parameters, and system stability.
2. Support RTlinux, PREEMPT_RT, and Xenomai.
3. Provide multi-core heterogeneous support for Linux + RT Thread.
4. Support booting from multiple devices, such as TF cards, EMMC, SD cards, NVME, and more.
5. Enable dual booting support, such as Android + Linux.

OS Customization

1. Support various operating systems, including Android, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenWRT, Buildroot, Yocto,
Centos, and more.
2. Support Ubuntu Server, Wayland, X11, and more.
3. Support system components: factory reset, A/B booting, secure boot, OTA updates, and more.
4. Provide universal application frameworks at the operating system level, including QT, Electron,
FFMpeg, Gstreamer, ROS, OpenGL, and more.
5. Provide scheduled tasks, auto-run applications, permission management, log management, network
configuration, system backups, and more.

App Customization

1. Platform-specific application frameworks: video and image processing (mpp/rga/rkmedia/ffmedia/camera 3A), AI inference, and more.
2. Application layer protocols: EtherCAT, Modbus, MQTT, and more.
3. Support QT cross-compilation toolchains (XCB/Wayland/EGLFS) and application development.
4. Support Android virtualization and virtual devices.
5. Provide common Android API demos and support Android application development.
6. Support web application development.


A wide range of manufacturing equipment and supply chain resources.

Business Customization

We offer one-stop customized services, excellent products and sales platforms, and invite distributors to join us.