Virtual Hardware Technology

Firefly's virtual hardware technology allows specified hardware devices to be virtualized in the operating system through software, enabling that require specific hardware devices to function properly. Currently, virtual camera, virtual sound card, and virtual touchscreen are supported.




Virtual Camera


With Firefly's virtual camera technology, users can create multiple virtual cameras on Firefly cluster servers, and load videos, images, and other media into these virtual cameras for output.



Virtual Sound Card


When a device lacks a physical sound card, but audio streams still need to be processed, virtual sound card technology can be used. This technology supports audio playback, recording, and mixing functions, as well as processing of client-to-server audio streams.




Virtual Touchscreen

If a device does not comes with a touchscreen but needs to execute touch commands in the system, a virtual touchscreen is available. Users can simulate touch events and report them to the system, enabling the execution of touch commands.




Firmware and Tutorials

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