In this solution, RK3568 series mainboards support three displays with different outputs and touch control. It allows you to connect three displays to a mainboard, enabling simultaneous playback of different contents on each display. Each of them can be controlled through touch input without any interference. Enjoy a seamless combination of MIPI, HDMI, and LVDS display options for enhanced flexibility.

What do you need?

1. AIO-3568J/ROC-RK3568-PC

2. DM-M10R800 V2 MIPI monitor module

    HDMI touchscreen

    DM-M10R800 LVDS monitor module (with TF-101-DISPLAY V2.5 adapter board)


1. Firmware upgrade (Wiki tutorial)

2. Connect the HDMI display to the HDMI port of the mainboard, the MIPI display to the MIPI_DSI1 port, the LVDS display to the MIPI_DSI0 port. 

After connecting all the displays and then power on.

(Note: MIPI and LVDS displays do not support hot swapping. Please power off before swapping.)

3. Enter the main interface and open the MultiScreen application.

4. Click "打开副屏"(open secondary display) to enable playback of different content on three displays. Each of them can be independently controlled by touch input. For example, each display can be paused or played without affecting the others.


Application Scenarios

It is widely used in scenarios such as smart digital signage, gaming devices, multi-display interaction, smart homes, and multimedia devices.


Firmware Download