This solution enables the seamless stitching of multiple input images into a single output image, effectively fulfilling the demand for panoramic video stitching (horizontal 360 degrees, vertical 180 degrees). It ensures a panoramic video experience devoid of any blind spots. Moreover, users have the flexibility to specify their desired viewpoint position and adjust the field of view (FOV) to crop the unwanted borders or focus on the specific areas within the panoramic video. Currently, this solution is compatible with the RK3588 core board series.


(panoramic stitching)



Multi-channel image inputs, high-definition panoramic output

It supports 6-channel 2560 x 1520@30fps resolution image input, which are seamlessly stitched together into a single panoramic high-definition image output. The output resolution can reach up to 22M@30fps, for instance, 8192 x 2700. 


(High definition panorama)

Multiple camera calibration parameter methods

For AVS, it is necessary to calibrate the lenses of each camera. The camera calibration parameters support pto files, RK calibration algorithm files, and customized calibration files provided by customers. This enables seamless image stitching between different cameras.


(Panoramic stitching from 6 cameras)

Multiple output projection modes

It supports various output projection modes, including equidistant cylindrical projection, cylindrical projection, and rectilinear projection, meeting the needs of different application scenarios. 


(8192 x 2700 resolution - equidistant cylindrical projection)

Application Scenarios

It can be widely applied in various fields such as high-definition television broadcasting, panoramic photography, 3D panoramic tour, VR live streaming, VR cloud gaming, and intelligent surveillance. 



The panoramic stitching solution has been incorporated into the buildroot system of RK3588. Please refer to the wiki tutorial for detailed instructions.