RK3568 Industrial Tablet Face Recognition


As artificial intelligence advances, the need for facial recognition applications has become increasingly prevalent. However, the implementation of these applications can be a time-consuming and complex process, requiring extensive hardware and software development. The RK3568 industrial tablet face recognition solution is a one-stop solution that includes hardware, system, algorithm, and application software, allowing enterprises to quickly expedite their research and production processes.



This solution is based on the IPC-M10R800-A3568J industry tablet with industry-leading face recognition algorithm, achieving accurate face verification, and fast, high-accuracy detection. It also supports offline recognition of living bodies and effectively defend against various non-live deception. It can be directly applied to facial recognition payment, access control, attendance and other scenarios, reducing the time and cost of project development and production.


Efficient accurate face recognition

Advanced stable face recognition algorithm, millisecond-level response time, recognition time less than 150ms. With high accuracy rate, recognition accuracy is more than 99.5%.


Binocular liveness recognition

The IPC-M10R800-A3568J industry tablet used in this solution features a binocular 200W (RGB+IR) wide dynamic camera, which can support binocular liveness detection and effectively prevent cheating by photos, videos, molds, etc.


Support offline recognition

Even if there is no network or poor network signal, it can still achieve high-precision face recognition results offline.


Customized, flexible deployment

It can perform functions such as face detection and attribute analysis, face beautification, expression recognition, voice broadcasting, and more to meet the needs of different application scenarios.


Application Scenario

It is widely used in access control and attendance, security monitoring, face recognition gate, facial-recognition payment, elevator access control based on face recognition, visitor management and more.


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