Real-Time Performance

Enhanced productivity and quality

Wide Temperature

Reliable and high performance

Extensive Connectivity

More interfaces for more functions

Software Stack

Multiple OS and software environments

Smart Industry

Our smart industrial products integrate advanced technologies such as IT, sensors,
data analytics, and AI to enhance productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability.

Real-time Performance

Ensure sub-second response times. Optimize
manufacturing processes for enhanced
efficiency and quality.

Wide Temperature

Ensure reliable and outstanding performance
in extreme cold and heat.

Software Stack

Equipped with operating systems, software
environments, QT, video encoding and
decoding, backend support, EtherCAT,
modbus, and more.

Application Scenarios
Industrial Automation

Improve manufacturing efficiency and precision through smart
manufacturing, quality control, and monitoring.

Automotive Manufacturing

Support smart manufacturing and assembly of vehicles, such as
engines, chassis, auto parts, and more.

Electronics Manufacturing

Support electronic products, including semiconductor chips, PCBs,
and displays.

Energy industry

Used in electrical devices, generators, transmission lines, and more.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Used in the manufacturing of medical instruments, imaging equipment,
and more.

Smart Agriculture

Used in agricultural machinery, grain processing equipment, and more.

Discover More Product Options
Octa-Core 64-Bit
ARM core with a frequency
of up to 1.8GHz
Maximum DDR and eMMC capacity
Fanless Wide-Temperature
Ensure reliable and outstanding

Business Customization

We offer one-stop customized services, excellent products and sales platforms, and invite distributors to join us.