High Density

Up to 72 SoC computing units

Modular Design

Hot swapping for flexible configuration

Stable and Reliable

Redundant design ensures
long-term reliability

Easy Management

Built-in BMC system for monitoring
and maintenance.

AI Computing Power Server

This server provides high-performance computing, high-speed data processing, and an
optimized hardware architecture to meet various types of machine learning and deep
learning workloads. It is widely used in artificial intelligence tasks, including image
recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition, and more.

High-Performance TPU

Each unit delivers up to 17.6T of INT8,
accelerating deep learning, inference, and

Parallel Computing

Configure Up to 8 TPU units. Enable parallel
computing and unlock the potential of data
for faster simulations, analysis, and

Deep Learning Framework

Compatible with TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe,
MXNet, Paddle, and more. Support
mainstream network models and custom
operator development.

Application Scenarios
Image Recognition

Efficient image recognition using powerful video AI capabilities.

Natural Language Processing

Use for text data processing tasks, including text classification, sentiment analysis, and semantic understanding.

Speech Recognition

Accurate speech recognition for voice assistants, automated customer service, and enhanced user experience.

Computer Vision

Help machines “understand” image data to enable image recognition, object detection, and image generation.

Machine Learning

Train complex neural network models to enable image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing.


Enhance decision-making efficiency and risk management in financial analysis, fraud detection, and investment strategy.

Discover More Server Options
Each compute node
6-core 64-bit
ARM core with the
frequency of up to 1.8GHz
4GB +128GB
Maximum DDR and eMMC capacity
Maximum AI computing power
A server
72 compute nodes
Equivalent to 72 independent computers.
Capable of virtualizing 720 mobile phones.

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