Firefly Solutions


Explore mature, and reliable server solutions. We offer
comprehensive server solutions, including edge
computing, cloud phones, and video processing. With
our skilled technical team, we enable successful project

Smart Industry

Integrate manufacturing and technology for intelligent and
automated production processes. Our goal is to enhance
productivity, optimize resource allocation, and reduce costs
through advanced data analysis and AI. We’re dedicated to
building an efficient manufacturing system for our clients.

Smart Gateways

Integrate communication protocols, facilitate efficient
connectivity between devices, and enable real-time
monitoring. Support industrial big data analysis and
intelligent decision-making through data processing
and storage capabilities. Security mechanisms protect
data transmission.

Smart Displays

Revolutionize display technology for businesses. You can easily
showcase your products and services through our smart
interactive displays and touchscreens. With various sizes and
forms, they are perfect for a wide range of business scenarios.
These reliable solutions ensure efficient business operations.