Industrial open source main board

With PX3-SE quad-core processor, frequency up to 1.3GHz, industrial-grade stability, operating temperature -20℃ ~ 80℃. Firefly-PX3-SE uses backplane and core board combination, core board with a variety of configuration, easy to control costs, low cost and excellent performance make the product very cost-effective

Excellent process capacity

Firefly-PX3-SE uses Rockchip industrial-grade quad-core processor PX3-SE, frequency up to 1.3GHz, build-in graphics processor Mail-400MP2 and 2D accelerator, supports OpenGL ES1.1/2.0, H.265 hardware decoding and 1080P play.

Industrial-grade Stability

Main board operating temperature -20℃ ~ 80℃, 7x24 hours stable operation, the gold finger of core board is anti-corrosion, double stud fixed, solid and reliable.

Variable configuration ,Controllable cost

Firefly-PX3-SE uses backplane and core board combination, provides a variety of core board configurations, Minimum configuration 256M+4G can run Linux industrial applications smoothly,easy to control product costs, make products more market competitiveness.

A variety of network connection

Equipped with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and Gigabit Ethernet, with powerful network expansion and transmission capabilities

Open-source code, personalized products

Provide SDK source code, development tools, tutorials, technical documents,etc, the second development more convenient and speed up product development process.

Rich interfaces, easy to add peripherals

The Firefly-PX3SE with rich expansion interfaces, including MIPI, LVDS, PWM, SPI, UART, ADC, GPIO, I2C, I2S, etc.


Firefly-PX3-SE can be used for a variety of industry products directly.

  • Digital Signage
  • Vending Machine
  • Elevator Display Terminal
  • Intelligent POS
  • Intelligent Vehicle
  • Industrial Host
  • Self-service Equipment
  • Thin Client



ARM® Cortex™-A7 Quad-Core up to 1.3GHz


ARM Mali-400MP2 GPU,Support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0

Built-in high-performance 2D acceleration hardware

1080P multi-format video decoding, include 1080P H.265 hardware decoding

1080P video encoding, support for H.264

RAM DDR3(256MB / 512MB / 1G / 2G )

eMMC(4G / 8G)


RK816 PMU chip


10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ( Realtek RTL8211E )

Wireless Network

WiFi 2.4GHz , Support 802.11a/b/g/n protocol; Bluetooth 4.0(support BLE)


Support multi-channel video output: 1 x HDMI 、 1 x CVBS

1 x MIPI or LVDS LCD display interface


1 x HDMI audio output 、 1 x CVBS,Audio and video composite output

1 x Phone , for audio input and output、 1 x LINE_IN , for audio input

1 x SPDIF,for audio output

1 x MIC,for audio input 、 1 x I2S , for audio input and output


1 x Camera (Support 5Mpixel )

USB 4 x USB2.0 HOST,1 x USB2.0 OTG
IR 1 x IR,Support infrared remote control
Key 1 x Reset,1 x Power,1 x Recovery
Debug 1 x Debug,for development and debugging
Extension Interface


System Linux QT
Power DC 5V-2A ( Powered by DC4.0*1.7mm)
Size 117mm × 85mm