STF Remote Controller



Firefly cluster server, by cascading multiple core boards in high density, provides powerful processing power and computing power. Besides, Firefly provides BMC management controller and STF tool, enabling users to remotely control each device in the cluster server through the browser — achieving real-time control and monitoring of the devices in the server.





1. Cross-platform remote control


Any device can become a control terminal. Whether it is Windows, Linux, Android or IOS, as long as the system can run a browser, users can remotely control the cluster server.



2. Real-time monitoring of device status

Through STF, you can control and monitor the devices in the cluster server in real time. Through a visual interface, you can easily view the connection status, use status and detailed information of the devices.





3. Real-time displaying

In STF, users can view the running screen of the devices in the cluster server in real time; through the displaying interface, users can utilize the mouse and keyboard, touch the screen or use other input devices to control the devices in real time, and can monitor the running effect of the devices.


4. Various control functions

STF provides a wealth of practical control tools. In addition to basic system operation functions, it also provides practical functions such as file management, APP management, remote debugging, script commands running, log display, copy and paste, and screenshot.





Remote experience

Firefly provides an entrance for open test, so you can experience STF by entering the address in the browser:


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