Using the tools to test the UVC camera in Ubuntu includes luvcview, mplayer, etc. , we will introduce how to use luvcview to achieve UVC dual camera shooting.


1. Ready

luvcview is an open source project for UVC camera testing, as long as your camera supports UVC driver, then you can use the luvcview test program. Find out camera ID (can use lsusb or dmesg to check ID ) to check whether your camera is supported, then check ID in the following linkhttp://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/



2. Luvcview

① Luvcview Install

Operate in the Firefly platform Ubuntu terminal directly:

root@firefly:~# sudo apt-get install luvcview


Find the Device

Find out device:ls /dev/video*

If device is /dev/video0, run:

root@firefly:~# luvcview -d /dev/video0 -f yuv -s 640x480 

(Or run luvcview directly, to know more ways, please refer to luvcview --help)

3. Demonstration

Test with the cameras are the Logitech C170 and C930E, using the dual cameras at the same time is so cool. Screenshot is as follows.