Firefly RK3399 open source board with a dual channel MIPI camera interface, and the RK3399 chip with a dual channel ISP which can simultaneously capture two image signals, two-channel data completely independent parallel acquisition. It can be used in binocular stereoscopic vision, VR and other occasions, and it with the RK3399 powerful CPU, GPU resources, in image processing, artificial intelligence is also promising.


Hardware preparation

Prepare a Firefly RK3399 open source board, two Firefly OV13850 camera module, one HDMI monitor.


Connection method

Firefly RK3399 open source board has two MIPI camera interface, where the right is the first channel, the left is the second channel, the image of the first channel is displayed on the left side of the screen, and the right image is of the second channel. Please pay attention to the direction of the gold finger when connecting.  


Dual camera connection with physical effect


Dual camera test

Burn the Demo firmware to Firefly-RK3399 open source board, the system comes with dual camera test software CameraExample.


Click the CameraExample, the test software will display two camera preview image, as shown below:


Click the "back capture" button to capture the pictures of the left and right camera, click the "back record" button to start recording, the pictures and recording are saved as two separate files. The saved pictures and video directories are shown below, you can use the system comes with Explorer software to browse:



Firmware Download

Firefly-RK3399 DoubleCameraDemo

AIO-3399J DoubleCameraDemo