Station P1 Geek Mini PC

2020-04-27 16:06

Station P1 Geek Mini PC is equipped with an all-aluminum alloy case and can be used immediately when powered on. It possesses Firefly Geek Entertainment System -- Station OS on which the Desktop and Media modes can be switched randomly to finish daily office work or play games for fun. It can be easily updated to various systems like Android, Ubuntu and Phoenix OS, satisfying geeks’ needs of operating multiple systems freely.

Portable Mini PC

As a hand-held device, it is small and portable enough to put in the pocket. You can carry it everywhere to work at any time.

Geek Entertainment System

It supports Firefly Geek Entertainment System -- Station OS. The system has both Desktop and Media modes that support the seamless switching among study, entertainment, and office work.

Easy Flash and Flexible Use

It can be flashed easily and quickly operating systems like Android, Ubuntu and Phoenix OS. Thus you can enjoy multiple systems on one device.

Multiple Boot Modes

It supports the boot modes of TF card, EMMC, SSD, and USB flash drive, making the system run-up more convenient and efficient.


Rich Interfaces

It possesses rich expansion interfaces including HDMI2.0 (up to 4K@60Hz), Type-C (DP1.2 video output + USB3.0), USB2.0, USB3.0 and gigabit Ethernet, etc.


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