Face X2 Face Recognition All-In-One PC

2020-04-01 10:15

With high-performance hardware configurations and efficient face recognition algorithms, it supports fast recognition of ID card, IC card, QR code and bar code. Coupled with the inbuilt dual-track speaker, it can achieve voice broadcast and voice reminder. It supports quick non-contact temperature measurement and thus reduces the contact infection at close range. Equipped with a complete backstage management system, it can be applied in various intelligent scenes of face recognition.

High-performance Processor

Adopts RK3399 six-core 64-bit“server-level”processor, frequency up to 1.8 GHz, integrates quad-core Mali-T860 GPU. It supports multi-format video coding and decoding, and has better processing performance.

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Quick Recognition, Accurate Verification

It matches multiple face recognition algorithms well and has a high response and detection speed. Its recognition speed is less than 200ms and recognition accuracy is more than 99.77%.


Flexible Backstage Management

It is equipped with the well-developed APK and PC backstage management software of face recognition and mobile phone management software (WeChat mini programs), which can be applied to projects directly.


Card-swiping Recognition

It can recognize ID card and IC card accurately, realizing ID-selfie matching, card-swiping gate access control and attendance checking. It can be applied to gate access control in residential areas, check on work attendance and high-speed rail ticket check, etc.


Code-scanning Recognition

It supports the fast recognition of scanning mainstream QR codes and bar codes. It can be applied to check-stand scanning, ticket scanning and payment scanning, etc.


Dual-track Speaker

With the inbuilt dual-track speaker, it supports TTS voice broadcast which can intelligently translate words into natural speech flows in real-time. It can be applied to the Human-Computer Interaction scenes like voice broadcast and voice reminder.


Non-contact Infrared Thermometry

It can be equipped with the infrared temperature probe to achieve the quick non-contact temperature measurement, reduce the contact infection at close range and screen the abnormal body temperature efficiently.


Aluminum Waterproof Case

Equipped with an all-aluminum alloy case which through 38 process flows and features a matte surface. The case conducts heat effectively despite its fanless design. It can run steadily 7x24 hours when aging at a high temperature of 60℃. With the dust-proof and waterproof level of IP54, it can effectively avoid the damage of the splashing water in all directions and thus meet the requirements for use of indoor and outdoor environment.


Multiple Installation Methods

It can adopt wall-mounted, desktop-mounted or column-mounted as a way of the installation, which is simple and convenient to install and can be applied to various scenes quickly.


Rich Expansion Interfaces

It supports various expansion interfaces like Wiegand 26/34 input and output, RS232, RS485, relays, Ethernet, USB HOST and USB OTG.


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