Firefly ARM Cluster Servers

2019-06-26 15:40


With the rapid development of mobile internet applications and the expansion of cloud computing and big data, the data center has updated from the traditional mainframes and minicomputers to the x86 server. Since people have a new need for the pattern of server workloads, more and more intelligent scenes are deployed by small servers.  




Firefly ARM cluster server in the combination mode of multiple core-boards provides standard software and hardware interfaces. It supports distributed AI computing which can be applied to desktop virtualization, cloud mobile phones, online video servers, data centers, etc.. Compared with the traditional cluster servers, it is characterized by low power consumption, high-performance and great flexibility.


1. Superior scalability

It supports all of Firefly JD4 core boards. Different numbers, performance and configuration of core boards can be selected for cluster computing. You can choose a single cluster server, or multiple cluster servers to flexibly meet the needs of more application scenarios, and a single cluster server can support up to 11 core boards (computing modules).


2. AI acceleration cluster

It can be combined into an ultra-high-powered AI cluster server by selecting the JD4 core board with NPU.


3. Support multiple OS

It supports Android, Linux operating system with running stable and reliable.


4. Ultra low power consumption


Servers usually need to work for 7*24 hours, so power consumption has a great impact on operating costs. Compared with X86 server, Firefly ARM cluster server has lower power consumption and cost-effective.


5. Rich expansion interface


It has HDMI 2.0, USB 2.0, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Port, Work Pilot Lamp, SATA Hard Disk Interface and other extended interfaces.



It is widely used in desktop virtualization, cloud mobile phone, online video server, data center and other scenarios.


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