Core-3328-JD4 Quad-core 64-bit Core Board

Adopts Rockchip quad-core 64-bit processor RK3328, onboard AI neural network acceleration chip, with high computing capacity, ultra-high performance, powerful hardware decoding ability and rich extended interfaces, supports multiple operating system. It can be used as visual-based deep learning operation and AI algorithm acceleration, suitable for cluster servers, high-performance computing/storage, industrial computers, etc.

Quad-core 64-bit Processor

Adopts RK3328 quad-core 64-bit A53 high-performance processor, integrated dual-core Mali-450 GPU. Provide a variety of storage configuration options, users only need to expand the function backplane to quickly achieve project development.

AI Neural Network Processor NPU

Onboard AI neural network processor NPU SPR2801S, adopts AI special architecture APiM, its computing capability up to 2.8 Tops, 9.3 Tops/W ultra-high efficiency.This configuration improves the processing speed hugely and lowers processing energy consumption a lot compared with processors built in traditional architecture approaches.

Powerful Hardware Decoding Capability

Supports 4K VP9, 4K 10bits H265/H264, 1080P (VC-1, MPEG-1/2/4, VP8) multi-format video decoding, and 1080P (H.264/H.265) video encoding.

Stable And Reliable

With SODIMM 260P interface, the data transmission and expansion performance can be best achieved, immersion gold process pin, corrosion resistant, 2 studs fixed, stable and reliable. Designed measurement is only 69.6mm x 49.6mm for saving more precious space.

Rich Extension Interfaces

With rich interfaces such as I2C、UART、SPI、SDIO3.0、USB2.0、USB3.0、I2S (supports 8-way digital microphone array input),etc.

High-performance Industry Main Board

Core-3328-JD4 core board can be combined with the backplane to form a complete high-performance industry application mainboard, the performance is more powerful and can be directly applied to a variety of intelligent products.

Support For Multiple OS

Supports Android, Linux+QT, Ubuntu multiple operating system, the performance is stable and reliable


Core-3328-JD4 is suitable for cluster servers, high-performance computing/storage, gaming equipment, commercial display equipment, medical equipment, vending machines, interactive printer, industrial computers, etc.

  • Industrial Computer

  • Smart Robot

  • Game Equipment

  • Commercial Display

  • Medical Equipment

  • Vending Machine

  • Intelligent POS

  • Interactive Printer



Rockchip RK3328


Quad-core ARM® Cortex-A53 64-bit processor, frequency up to 1.5GHz


ARM Mali-450 MP2 GPU

Support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0, OpenVG1.1


Support 4K VP9 and 4K 10bits H265/H264 video decoding, up to 60fps

1080P multi-format video decoding (WMV, MPEG-1/2/4, VP9, H.264, H.265)

1080P video coding, support H.264/H.265

Video postprocessor: de-interlacing, denoising, edge / detail / color optimization



Support MicroSD (TF) Card Slot


Core-3328-JD4(AI)onboard AI neural network processor SPR2801S

Computing power up to 2.8 Tops, 9.3Tops/Wultra-high efficiency

Support PyTorch, Caffe framework, follow-up support TensorFlow

Support for PLAI model training tools (currently support VGG-based GNet1, GNet18 and GNetfc network models)

Hardware Features



Provide SDIO 3.0 signal, support 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-band WiFi, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocol


1 x HDMI 2.0, support 4K@60Hz output

1x TV Out, in accordance with 480i, 576i standard


1 x SPDIF, for audio output

1 x I²S , support 8 channels

Interface I2C, UART, SPI, SDIO3.0, USB2.0, USB3.0, I2S(Support 8-way digital microphone array input)
Power DC input voltage 5V

Android 、Linux


69.6mm × 49.6 mm


Gold finger(SODIMM 260P, 0.5mmpitch)


6-layer board design