Core-3399Pro-JD4 Buy Spec

Adopts the high-performance AI processor RK3399Pro, integrated neural network processor NPU with computing power up to 3.0Tops, and compatible with a variety of AI frameworks. Core-3399Pro-JD4 core board can be combined with the backplane to form a complete industrial application board, which enable it to be applied flexibly on a variety of smart products.

  • Tools
  • AndroidTools

    upgrade tool for windows    

  • DriverAssitant

  • Linux_upgrade_tool

    upgrade tool for Linux    

  • Source Code
  • Android 8.1 Source Code

  • Linux_SDK

  • Firmware
  • Android 8.1 image

  • Fedroa

  • Ubuntu18.04(GPT)

  • Documents
  • Core-RK3399Pro 3D Model

  • Core-RK3399Pro Schematic