Products and Services

We provide high-quality hardware and software products, solutions and customization services.

Open source board

Open SDK and technical information, can be used for product verification and development.

Core Borad

Core board can be used for secondary development, but also apply to a variety of industries.

Product Solution

Product solution for industry, can quickly achieve mass production

Technical Solution

Cutting-edge technology solutions,your innovative building blocks!

Prototype Expansion

Use motherboard to assemble into a product


Increase or decrease the motherboard hardware

Core Customization

Develop the bottom plate of the core board

Depth Customization

Depth custom hardware and software

Demand Submission

Provide a variety of communication channels

Technical Assessment

Detailed needs analysis, and professional advice


Professional technical team provides services

Product Delivery

Strict production processes



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Firefly One-stop sourcing platform

Rich variety of goods to ensure that the original quality, saving time and cost.

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Our advantage

Provide high-quality hardware and software products, solutions and customization services.


Open source board, industry motherboard, and core board + base board can be applied to a variety of industries.

Customization and Cooperation

We can provide one-stop custom services, but also provide excellent products, we welcome dealers to join.

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