Baidu Face Recognition Kit Buy

Based on Firefly high-performance mainboard, embeds Baidu AI precise off-line face recognition technology, integrating the algorithm, hardware, and software together. You just need the kit to one-stop face recognition development.

Baidu Face Recognition Development Kit

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  • Firefly Baidu AI Face Recognition

  1. Introduction

  • Product Overview

    The kit integrates Baidu face recognition algorithm, software and hardware, which can be connected to a monocular camera, binocular camera, and a structured light camera. It can quickly realize anti-spoofing method, face acquisition, face recognition, and management of face database and other functions. With one kit, one-stop face recognition development can be achieved to accelerate products development.

  • Platform

    The development kit is made up by development board AIO-3399J + 10.1-inch LVDS screen module + professional camera. You can access Firefly shop to know more about face recognition kit.

  • Download Firmware and APP 

 (Download the 10.1 inch screen firmware)

 (Download the Face recognition app)

    Note: The current version of APP does not support system firmware update. Updating the firmware will make the activation code unable to be used again. Please operate with caution.

  • SDK  Face Recognition SDK

    The first activation requires the network, and it can be used offline after completing the activation. For details of the instructions, refer to 

     The development documents of offline face recognition SDK-Android

  • SDK Application

    Send the face recognition kit purchase information and order number to The SDK will be provided by email within 2 days.


  • Connection Method



  • Community

    Platform issues can be posted directly to the Firefly Face Recognition Development Kit Community

Application of algorithms and other issues can be asked for solutions on Baidu face recognition exchange platform

  • Q & A

    Q: Why does not the 10.1-inch screen display?

    A: Please confirm whether the hardware is in contact with the abnormality. The details can be referred to. 4. Connection Method

    Q: Unable to connect adb for debugging?