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Dual-Core Cortex-M3 processor, integrated high-quality audio Codec and WiFi module, have IOT expansion performance, perfectly compatible with the Arduino interface and Arduino IDE programming, and supports FireBlock graphics programming.

Introduce Fireduino

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Fireduino introduce

Fireduino is designed by the Tchip Firefly open source team at the end of 2015 began the effort to build compatible with the Arduino IDE and its intelligence source hardware platform API,With wireless audio applications,HiFi audio decoding broadcast applications and IOT and so on as the core technologies.
Development platform to provide you with one or more of the chipset and individual level API,to satisfy the customization development and prototyping equipment requirements,to start creating your prototype ideas,we have provided:

  1. Multiple sample program allows you to create prototypes reference

  2. Arduino IDE compatible with Arduino API

  3. More than the traditional Arduino hardware and software functions

  4. Multiple hardware reference design

  5. The comprehensive API reference,development guidelines,chip  description and pin drawing

  6. Professional WiKi for you

  7. Rich active community BBS to communicate

SDK introduce

Fireduino SDK is Arduino IDE plug-Publish.The API of Fireduino SDK addition to the core functions of Arduino,also has the unique functions of Fireduino development platform,including WiFi,HiFi audio decoding,TF memory,TFT display,etc.,allows you to quickly create your prototypes.
Using Fireduino SDK programming just as easy to write Arduino program,A Arduino Sketch is a source code file,represent the core control logic of Fireduino,it includes:

  • Setup() is responsible for the initializing resources,such as WiFi module.

  • Loop() continuous monitoring and processing the events of hardware sensor or software module.The loop will run uninterrupted,not stop until Fireduino shutdown.

Fireduino SDK will first compile the Sketch into the executable elf of Fireduino,performed by the tool into a binary file,Arduino IDE plug-in will burn the binary into the program memory of Fireduino,Fireduino will automatically load the binary file after rebooting.And execute the Sketch.
Although Sketch is the thread loop,but the running environment of Fireduino is multi-threaded real-time operating system,the Sketch is actually a separate thread running,the Arduino plug-in encapsulation layer is responsible for the request sent to other threads to run other modules.

Main hardware introduction

Fireduino is intelligence hardware open source platform,the core MCU is a dual Cortex-M3 kernel Soc,has the on-board wifi(AP6181) module,it provides a feature-rich interface,with Arduino UNO has a similar interface way for compatibility with the Arduino various shield,connecting external sensors and external peripheral devices.
Fireduino development board to provide with the Arduino UNO similar pin configuration,as shown:

Join Firefly community

  • Firefly is open-source team which set up by Tchip technology in March 2014.Dedicated to the open-source hardware design,production and sales,as well as the promotion of open source culture and knowledge.It also provides hardware and software customization,production and technical support services.

  • Firefly open-source team consists of more than 40 professional members,we are good at Android,system-level development for Linux,multi-platform application development and cloud services support,as well as the hardware circuit design and industrial design.

  • "Light up your ideas" is Firefly concept,we hope Firefly technology enthusiasm and dedication to help achieve your ideas and dreams.

  • Firefly team is in the field of consumer electronics for years,in recent years to promote open-source culture,whether you're an individual customer,equipment manufacturers,students,DIY enthusiasts,or programmer,you can use this powerful and easy-to-use open-source platform to make innovative design.Welcome to the Firefly community ( to discuss cutting-edge  technology and exchange achievements.