AIO-3399J Buy Spec

Uses RK3399 Six-Core ( A72x2+A53x4 ) 64-Bit CPU, up to 2.0Ghz , integrated Quad-Core Mali-T864 GPU. Onboard M.2 PCIe, 4G LTE interface, multiple display interface and serial port. Support Android/Linux/Ubuntu system.

Interface Definition

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AIO-3399J Interface Definition

AIO-3399J provides a lot of interfaces, which include DC power imterface, Double USB3.0 HOST, USB2.0x6, HDMI, HDMI-IN, ethernet, Dual LVDS, EDP LCD, TP Touch Interface, Screen voltage jumper interface, Blacklight control interface, Wifi antenna, BT antenna, dual MIPI Camera(one of them is reused with HDMIIN), fan interface, reset button, power button, silicon microphone(HDMIIN audio multiplexing), audio input/output(linein,lineout), 3.5mm earphone interface, RTC power interface, IR receiver, TF card slot,  SIM Kaka slot, extended key interface, I2C, I2S, Speaker interface, USB2.0 HOST, recovery/reset button, serial debug interface,  Industrial level serial port (RS485, RS232,2TTL), M.2PCIE-M.key interface, RTC Battery-powered interface, MIPI LCD(double LVDS reuse), MINI-PCIE, MIPI-CSI. such as followings: