AIO-3288J Buy Spec

Uses RK3288 Quad-Core Cortex-A17 CPU, up to 1.8Ghz , integrated Quad-Core Mali-T764 GPU. Onboard 4G LTE interface, multiple display interface and serial port. Support Android/Linux/Ubuntu system. It can be quickly applied to a variety of industries.

Hardware Documents

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1 Mainboard

  1. AIO-3288J base board schematics

  2. AIO-3288J base board patch map

2 Components

  1. CPU:RK3288

  2. Wifi/BT Module:AP6335

  3. Audio:ES8323_DS

  4. PMU:DS_ACT8846

  5. DC/DC:AN_SYR827

  6. Ethernet SMD transformer:SG24301

  7. Channel switching chip:CBT3257

  8. NIC driver chip:RTL8211E(G)

  9. Video DAC:ADV7123

  10. HDMI to MIPI :(U18)TC358749XBG