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Uses RK3288 Quad-Core Cortex-A17 CPU, up to 1.8Ghz , integrated Quad-Core Mali-T764 GPU. Onboard 4G LTE interface, multiple display interface and serial port. Support Android/Linux/Ubuntu system. It can be quickly applied to a variety of industries.

Ubuntu Server Note

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1 Network

Network Manager is preferred in managing the ethernet and WiFi.

1.1 Ethernet

Disconnect ethernet (No more auto connect after reboot):

   nmcli dev disconnect iface eth0

Turn on ethernet:

   nmcli con up id "Auto Ethernet"

Turn down ethernet:

   nmcli con down id "Auto Ethernet"

1.1.1 Static IP

The ethernet connection file is

   "/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Auto Ethernet"

with content:

   id=Auto Ethernet

By default, it use DHCP to set IP address.

To specify static IP address, you can change the "ipv4" section to:


The address1 line has the following format:


1.2 WiFi

List available WiFi access points:

   nmcli dev wifi

Create a new connection named “My cafe" and then connects it to SSID "Cafe Hotspot 1" using password "caffeine":

   nmcli dev wifi connect "Cafe Hotspot 1" password "caffeine" name "My cafe"

List available connections:

   nmcli con list

Turn down connection named "My cafe":

   nmcli con down id "My cafe"

Turn on connection named "My cafe":

   nmcli con up id "My cafe"

Show wifi on/off status:

   nmcli nm wifi

Switch wifi on:

   nmcli nm wifi on

Switch wifi off:

   nmcli nm wifi off

2 Installing Server Packages

Server packages are classified as tasks.

2.1 List Tasks

You can find a list of tasks with command:

   firefly@firefly:~$ tasksel --list-tasks 
   u server    Basic Ubuntu server
   i openssh-server    OpenSSH server
   u dns-server    DNS server
   i lamp-server   LAMP server
   u mail-server   Mail server
   u postgresql-server PostgreSQL database
   u print-server  Print server
   u samba-server  Samba file server
   u tomcat-server Tomcat Java server
   u cloud-image   Ubuntu Cloud Image (instance)
   u virt-host Virtual Machine host
   u ubuntu-desktop    Ubuntu desktop
   u ubuntu-usb    Ubuntu desktop USB
   u edubuntu-dvd-live Edubuntu live DVD
   u kubuntu-dvd-live  Kubuntu live DVD
   u lubuntu-live  Lubuntu live CD
   u ubuntu-gnome-live Ubuntu GNOME live CD
   u ubuntustudio-dvd-live Ubuntu Studio live DVD
   u ubuntu-live   Ubuntu live CD
   u ubuntu-usb-live   Ubuntu live USB
   u xubuntu-live  Xubuntu live CD
   u manual    Manual package selection

The prefix char indicates the status with 'i' for installed and 'u' for not installed.

2.2 Show Packages to Be Installed

If you want to know what packages will be intalled by the "lamp-server" task (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP server), run:

   firefly@firefly:~$ tasksel --task-packages lamp-server

2.3 Install Server Task

For example, intall "lamp-server":

   firefly@firefly:~$ sudo tasksel install lamp-server

A text dialog will pop up with progress. Note that you cannot use "Ctrl-C" to stop it. You have to kill it within another console or terminal.

3 Password


user: root

pass: firefly

user: firefly

pass: firefly

3.2 MySQL

user: root

pass: firefly

4 Test

Check apache web server:


Check if php works: