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Build Ubuntu Rfs

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download rootfs source code

git clone

After downloading, GNU / Linux distributed rootfs.img can be compiled through a series of shell scripts.

Compile the Root File System

  • Build a basic Debian system through the ubuntu-build-service:

sudo apt-get install binfmt-support qemu-user-static
sudo dpkg -i ubuntu-build-service/packages/*
sudo apt-get install -f
VERSION=stretch TARGET=desktop ARCH=armhf ./
  • Compile Debian rootfs

VERSION=stretch ARCH=armhf ./
  • Create ext4 image( linaro-rootfs.img )


Burning Partition Images

After the compiled script is executed, linaro-rootfs.img will be generated in the out/ directory.

Please see 《Flash Image》 to write the unified firmware or partition images.