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Dual-Core Cortex-M3 processor, integrated high-quality audio Codec and WiFi module, have IOT expansion performance, perfectly compatible with the Arduino interface and Arduino IDE programming, and supports FireBlock graphics programming.

Common error & Current Limit

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Common mistakes

Due to equipment did not enter to upgrade mode upload failed


The solution:According to the following steps,Make Fireduino into the upgrade mode。

  • Press the lower left corner of the UPGRADE button,Don't loosen。

  • Short press the RESET button, until PC finds unknown equipment, release the UPGRADE button.(Generally 3 seconds will find the unknown device, if long time not found, please loosen the button to retry again)。

Owing to lack of user permissions to upload failed


The solution:right-click the program icon ,in the right-click menu, select "run as administrator"。

win10 install Rockusb driver failed

The solution:

  • As shown in the figure below, click on the "Settings"

Click on "Settings" en.png

  • Click on "update & security"

Click on "update and security" en.png

  • Click on "Recovery" ,in the appeare interface,click on "Advanced start-up",then chick on"Restart now"

Click on the "restart immediately" en.png

  • After the computer restart, click on the "Troubleshoot" in the following interface

Click on the "problem solution" en.png

  • Click the "advanced options"

Click the "advanced options" en.png

  • Click on "Start-up Settings"

Click on "start setting" en.png

  • Click on the "Restart"

Click on "reboot" en.png

  • After the restart, enter the following interface, press the number seven, option to select the seventh

Select the seventh en.png

This time the computer will automatically restart, after the restart,accordance with the method of install the driver before,you will succeed。

Existing restrictions

  • The GPIO of Fireduino will not be able to select the pull up and down when input,its built-in have fixed the up and down direction,if you need to turn on this function,can according to the following table configuration pull function of GPIO,and you can continue to use the configuration method of Arduino to configuration pull up and down,its actual function is for pull function of GPIO.

                                        • GPIO pull direction

PIN Sliding direction PIN Sliding direction PIN Sliding direction PIN Sliding direction
0 pull up 8 pull down 14 pull up 23 pull up
1 pull up 9 pull up 15 pull up 24 pull up
2 pull down 10 pull up 16 pull up 25 pull up
3 pull up 11 pull up 17 pull up 26 pull up
4 pull down 12 pull up 18 pull up 27 pull down
5 pull down 13 pull up 19 pull up

6 pull down 28 pull up 20 pull up

7 pull down 29 pull up 21 pull up

22 pull up

  • Analog pin (A0~A7) of Fireduino can't be used as digital pins,only can be used in the ADC data acquisition,and analog input voltage must be less than the reference voltage of 2.55V.The reference voltage of Fireduino is not available,the fixed at 2.55V.

  • All analog pins of Fireduino can be used as PWM output pin,for the software timer implementation,there will be some small deviation (< 1%).The PWM duty cycle the adjusting range of 0~255,the frequency of 556Hz.

  • External interrupt,trigger mode of Fireduino also have four,but four patterns for low level trigger,high level trigger,rising edge and falling edge trigger,there is no level change triggered interrupt options.