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Install Fireduino Driver

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Operating environment

The following operating environment for this tutorial:

  • Operating system:Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits

  • Arudino IDE: 1.6.8

  • FireDuino SDK 1.0.3

Driver Installation

Fireduino website download page for everyone to provide already configured and packaged good  Arduino IDE,run directly after decompression you can start Fireduino developed,but we can not directly upgrade firmware through IDE,we still lack the driver of Fireduino development board.Next,we began to introduce the driver installation method of Fireduino.

Development board driver installation

Download the Fireduino driver,and extract,record their own path.The Fireduino connected to the PC with USB cable,through the following steps into the upgrade mode,the system will find an unknown device:

  1. Press the UPGRADE key and hold.

  2. Short press the RESET button,the PC finds unknown equipment until after the UPGRADE release button.(Generally 3 seconds will find an unknown device,if long time not found, please loosen the button to retry again).

Then we started to carried out in accordance with the steps of Fireduino device driver installation.

Step 1: Open the Device Manager,find the device which driver is not installed.
UnKnownDevice en.png

Step 2: update the device driver.
UpdateDeviceDriver en.png
Step 3: choose "browse computer for driver software".
BrowseDriverDir en.png

Step 4: choose drive path,automatically find and install the driver.
ChooseDriverDir en.png

Step 5: select"always install the driver software".
AlwaysInstallThisDriver en.png

Step 6: driver installation is complete.
InstallDriverSuccess en.png
(Note: If you are using a win10 version and the installation process have some problems, refer to Common error & Current Limit)

Download any program in upgrade mode

To keep development board in upgrade mode, at the moment we open the arduino IDE, click on "file", then click on the "sample", open any program (recommended Blink program), compile and upload the firmware to fireduino development board, after uploaded successfully(If you skip this step operation, unknown device does not appear), we can find an unknown device, open the device manager, as shown in the figure

Find the unknown device

Fireduino USB to serial port device driver installation

Same as above steps to install the USB serial port driver"Fireduino_USB_to_Serial_Comm _Port.inf"

Successful installation

Use fireduino under Linux

Specific please refer to Use fireduino under Linux(Thanks to LeRoy Miller)