Firefly-RK3288 Buy Spec

Quad-Core Cortex-A17 open source board, with Mali-T760 MP4 Graphics Processing, supports Android and Linux systems, has rich external extension interfaces.


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1 Introduction

Firefly-RK3288 development board has 4 PWMs, namely PWM0 ~ PWM3. This article describes how to configure and use PWM.

The PWM driver file of RK3288 is:


2 Data Structure

2.1 struct pwm_device

The pwm_device mainly use to pwm device .it’s the most important structure in pwm. };

    struct pwm_device {    
        const char      *label;
        unsigned long       flags;
        unsigned int        hwpwm;
        unsigned int        pwm;//pwm通道
        struct pwm_chip     *chip;
        void            *chip_data;
        unsigned int        period; /* in nanoseconds */

2.2 struct pwm_chip

pwm_chip abstracts for a PWM controller.

      struct pwm_chip {    
        struct device       *dev; //提供 PWM 的设备
        struct list_head    list; //内部使用的节点列表
        const struct pwm_ops    *ops; //该 PWM 控制器的回调函数
        int  base; //该设备所控制的第一个 PWM 的号码
        unsigned int        npwm; //该设备所控制的 PWM 数
        struct pwm_device   *pwms;
        struct pwm_device * (*of_xlate)(struct pwm_chip *pc,const struct of_phandle_args *args);
        unsigned int of_pwm_n_cells;
        bool can_sleep;

3 Configuration steps

You can follow these steps to finish the PWM configuration.

3.1 Create PWM DTS Node

You can create the pwm device node in file kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/rk3288.dtsi, as shown below:

     pwm1: pwm@ff680010 {    
             compatible = "rockchip,rk-pwm";
             reg = <0xff680010 0x10>;
             #pwm-cells = <2>;
             pinctrl-names = "default";
             pinctrl-0 = <&pwm1_pin>;
             clocks = <&clk_gates11 11>; 
            clock-names = "pclk_pwm";status = "okay";

Note: ff680010 is the address of pwm1 register.

3.2 Configure PWM driver

The PWM driver of RK3288 is in file kernel/drivers/pwm/pwm-rockchip.c

Modify the code as shown below:

    static const struct of_device_id rk_pwm_of_match[] = {    
        { .compatible = "rockchip,pwm",       .data = &rk_pwm_data_v1,},
        { .compatible =  "rockchip,rk-pwm",   .data = &rk_pwm_data_v2,},
        { .compatible =  "rockchip,vop-pwm",  .data = &rk_pwm_data_v3,},
        { }

Make sure the compatible field matches the device tree’s compatible property that you create above.

3.3 Control PWM Device

Now you can use the PWM node created above to control devices, as shown in the following steps:

(1). Include the pwm.h file

#include <linux/pwm.h>

This file includes the API functions of PWM.

(2). Request PWM.

You can use the pwm_request function to request the PWM device. For example:

struct pwm_device * pwm0=NULL;pwm0= pwm_request(0, “backlight-pwm”);

See The API of PWM device for more detail of this function.

(3). Set PWM configuration

You can use the function pwm_config to set the PWM configuration. For example:

pwm_config(pwm0, 500000, 1000000);

See The API of PWM device for more detail of this function.

(4). Enable PWM

Then you start the pwm device using the pwm_enable function. For example:

int pwm_enable(struct pwm_device *pwm);

See The API of PWM device for more detail of this function.

3.3.1 The API of PWM device

 * pwm_request() - request a PWM device
 * @pwm_id: global PWM device index
 * @label: PWM device label
 * This function is deprecated, use pwm_get() instead.
 struct pwm_device *pwm_request(int pwm_id, const char *label);

 * pwm_free() - free a PWM device
 * @pwm: PWM device
 * This function is deprecated, use pwm_put() instead.
 void pwm_free(struct pwm_device *pwm);

 * pwm_config() - change a PWM device configuration
 * @pwm: PWM device
 * @duty_ns: "on" time (in nanoseconds)
 * @period_ns: duration (in nanoseconds) of one cycle
 int pwm_config(struct pwm_device *pwm, int duty_ns, int period_ns);

 * pwm_enable() - start a PWM output toggling
 * @pwm: PWM device
 int pwm_enable(struct pwm_device *pwm);

 * pwm_disable() - stop a PWM output toggling
 * @pwm: PWM device
 void pwm_disable(struct pwm_device *pwm);