ROC-RK3308-CC Buy Spec

Equipped with a cost-effective RK3308 Core Processor and a high-performance CODEC, supports various artificial intelligence and IOT operating systems, and can be configured with six microphone array board and POE expansion board.

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  • Firmware Upgrade Tool

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  • ROC-RK3308-CC Linux SDK

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  • Firmware
  • ROC-RK3308-CC

    Firmware without ASR    

  • ROC-RK3308-CC aispeech

    Containing aispeech    

  • ROC-RK3308-CC Alexa

    Containing Alexa    

  • ROC-RK3308-CC Dueros

    Containing Baidu Dueros    

  • ROC-RK3308-CC iflytek

    Containing iflytek    

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