Open-Source Creative Prototyping Platform

Fireduino with Dual-Core Cortex-M3 processor, integrated high-quality audio Codec and WiFi module, have IOT expansion performance, perfectly compatible with the Arduino interface and Arduino IDE programming, and supports FireBlock graphics programming. It is a preferred programming enlightenment teaching platform, but also an open-source creative prototyping platform. Watch the video

Fireduino is

the best upgrade version of Arduino

Fireduino = Arduino × 2 + Audio module + RTC module + WiFi module + Flash module

  • Arduino UNO

  • Arduino UNO

  • Audio Module

  • RTC

  • WiFi

  • Flash

Arduino IDE Programming

Fireduino can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, its code style and the mode of operation is fully compatible with the standard of the Arduino. We have provided abundant examples, as long as you know the Arduino or C language, you can control the Fireduino quickly.

FireBlock Graphics Programming

Fireduino supports FireBlock which is graphical programming software, even without programming basis, just need to gently move the graphics to combine and that will achieve the programming, and the completed program can via WiFi wireless transmission to the Fireduino. These innovative features make more easy and free to achieve the creative.

Excellent Performance and Ample Program Space

Fireduino adopts the main chip RKNanoD of Rockchip dual core Cortex-M3, with high operating frequency(system core up to 250MHz,calculation core up to 500MHz), and onboard the SPI Flash which with 4M byte high-capacity, it have further extended the space of creative.

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Calculate Core 500MHz

System Core 250MHz

8bit RISC 16MHz


SPI Flash 8MByte

Arduino UNO

Program Flash 16KByte

High-Quality Audio Decoding

Fireduino internal integrated 1MByte SRAM, hardware decoder and Codec, all this just in order to perfectly play the high-quality audio of 24bit/192KHz.


Sample Bit Depth


Sample Rate

WiFi Audio Playback

Fireduino supports Airplay and DLNA wireless audio sharing technology, the phone audio can be pushed to the Fireduino via WiFi wireless, and Fireduino will quickly release the wonderful music to every corner of the room.

LCD Controller Support

Fireduino with LCD controller, support TFT LCD which the resolution up to 400x400, and with simple drawing routines of Arduino IDE, so that you can better express the creative scence.

Rich Resources and Peripherals

Fireduino addition to LCD interface, but also has the interfaces which are fully compatible with Arduino: I2C, SPI, ADC, GPIO, PWM, UART.

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Fireduino integrated dual-core Cortex-M3 processor, WiFi modules, high-quality audio Codec, with simple programming, that will to accelerate product development, also can let many of the industry to achieve IOT application and transformation.

  • WiFi Audio

  • Human Computer Interface

  • Robot

  • UAV

  • Smart Home

  • Wearable Device

  • Pet Feeding Machine

  • Aquarium Tanks

  • Intelligent Agriculture

  • Weather Station