Maker Faire Shenzhen 2015

2015-07-10 15:15

Maker Faire was hold at Nanshan Software Industrial Park, Shenzhen during 19th, June,2015 to 21th, June,2015. The main hall of this faire reach to 150000 square meters, include more than 300 exibition positions. A great many of Makers come from more than 30 coutries attended this faire for exibiting. There are abundant of new products were exibited on this faire, such as open source hardware, wearable device, robot, unmanned aerial vehicle, 3D printer and so on. People still with full of enthusiasm even under 35℃ of outdoor temperature. According to the recorde the number of people taked part in the faire reach 200 thousands during 19th June to 21th June.




   Firefly team arrived the main hall of the Maker faire to work on the exibition position 18th June.



   Firefly team bring the MiniPC open source platform of Firefly-RK3288 and FirePrime, internet of things open source platform of FireBLE and MiniServer open source platform of FireWRT to the faire whith the gold of propagating the open source culture and knowledge.




    The Firefly team is introducing the Firefly open source platform to customers.




   All of makers were impress by the lively scene and the creative products on the Maker Faire. We never forget those curious eyes, happy face, and everything on the Maker Faire. Let these memories become the direction and motivate us to keep moving on.


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