【Artificial Intelligence】NCC S1 Neural Network Computing Card

2018-11-22 19:30

Based on the AI-specific APiM framework, a modular deep neural network learning accelerator without any external caching can be used for high-performance edge computing, as a vision-based deep learning computing and AI algorithm acceleration. NCC S1 is small in shape, extremely low in power consumption and best peak performance. Equipped with complete and  easy-to-use model training tools, network training model instances, and professional hardware platform, it can be quickly applied in the artificial intelligence industry.

NCC S1 Neural Network Computing Card provides the complete and easy-to-use model training tool PLAI (People Learn AI) based on PyTorch. It can be developed on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 systems and supports GNet1, GNet18, and GNetfc network training model examples, follow-up will add more.


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