Firefly-RK3288 Buy Specs

Quad-Core Cortex-A17 open source board, with Mali-T760 MP4 Graphics Processing, supports Android and Linux systems, has rich external extension interfaces.


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1 Power Adapter

1.1 Product Parameter

Product: USB Power Adapter
Specifications: US Standard
Input: AC 110V-240V, 50/60 HZ
Output: 5V-2.5A
Note:Firefly-rk3288 normal work requires power 5V/2.5A, it probably abnormal restart if the current is less than 2.5A. In order to ensure the normal operation of the Firefly-RK3288, please use the voltage of 5V, current is 2.5A ~ 3A power, and we suggest to use the official power.

1.2 picture

Power pic.jpg
US Standard

Power pic europe.png
EU Standard

2 5.5-Inches MIPI Display Module

2.1 Product Parameter

Brand: Firefly
Model: IPS5K0350
Size: 5.5-inches
Resolution: 1920x1080
Interface: MIPI
Panel Type: IPS
Viewing Angle: 160°
TouchScreen: Capacitive 10-touch
Note:The name of official firmware to support the IPS5K0350 Display Module with the words "IPS5K0350", such as Firefly-RK3288_IPS5K0350FPC_Android5.1_20170808

2.2 Datasheet

Datasheet and schematic of 5.5 inch mipi lcd module

2.3 Picture

5.5 LDVS pic1.png

2.4 Connection Method

5.5 LDVS pic4 en.png

3 10.1-Inches LVDS Display Module

3.1 Product Parameter

Brand: AUO
Model: B101EW05
Size: 10.1-inches
Resolution: 1280x800
Interface: LVDS
Viewing Angle: 170°
Touch Screen: Capacitive multi-touch
1.The name of official firmware to support the AUO LVDS Display Module with the words "B101EW05", such as Firefly-RK3288_B101EW05_Android5.1_20170810
2. After updating the code, follow the instructions in the patch, and support the use of 10.1-inch screen.Patch (with captions)

3.2 Datasheet

Datasheet and schematic of LVDS Display Module

3.3 Picture

10.1 LDVS pic1.png

3.4 Connection Method

10.1 LDVS pic2 en.png

4 7.85-Inches EDP Display Module

4.1Product Parameter

Model: LP079QX1
Size: 7.85-inches
Resolution: 2048x1563
Interface: EDP
Panel Type: IPS
Viewing Angle: 160°
Touch Screen: Capacitive multi-touch

1.Support the official firmware name of 7.85 inch screen with "LP079QX1" words, such as:
2. After updating the code, please follow the instructions of the patch package to support the use of 7.85 inch screen.Patch (with captions)

4.2 Datasheet

Datasheet and schematic of 7.85 inch edp lcd module

4.3 Picture

7.85 EDP1 pic4.png

4.4 Connection Method

7.85 EDP2 pic4.png7.85 EDP3 pic4.png

5 Camera Module

5.1 Product Parameter

Brand: Omnivision
Model: OV13850
Interface: MIPI
Pixels: 1320W

5.2 Datasheet

DataSheet and schematic of OV13850 Camera Module

Showed in the picture is H-Ver camera,others is old version。H-Ver camera need to update the commit, other version need to revert the commit
Android->hardware: update OV13850 H-Ver support

Firmware followː
Firefly-RK3288 old version camera Android4.4 Firmware 2015/12/03
Firefly-RK3288 H-Ver camera Android 5.1 Firmware 2016/11/02
Firefly-RK3288-Reload old version camera Android5.1 Firmware 2016/01/30
Firefly-RK3288-Reload H-Ver camera Firmware 2016/12/10

5.3 Camera version

OV13850摄像头版本说明 EN.png

OV13850 pic1.png

5.4 Picture

OV13850 pic11.png

5.5 Connection Method

OV13850 pic2.png

5.6 Renderings

OV13850 pic3.png

6 Remote Control 12-KEY

6.1 Product Parameter

Product: 12-KEY Remote Control
Version: Firefly Customized
Power: 2xAAA Batteries
Adapter: Firefly-RK3288
Description: Support for remote boot capabilities Firefly-RK3288

6.2 Picture

IR 12 pic1.png

6.3 Key code

IR key code.png

7 USB to TTL serial module

7.1 Product Parameter

Brand: Firefly
Size: 29mm * 19mm

7.2 Reference material

Download driver:
Senial debug tutorial:

7.3 Picture

Usb ttl 1.png

7.4 Connection Method

Usb ttl 2.png

Huawei 4G module

8.1 Product Parameter

Usb 4G 11.png

1.The name of official firmware to support the 4G Module with the words "4GDONGLE", such as:
2.After updating the code, follow the instructions in the patch, and support the use of 4G Module.Patch (with captions)

8.2 Picture

Usb 4G 22.png

8.3 Connection Method

Usb 4G 33.png

Usb 4G 44.png

9 SLM630B 4G module

9.1 Product Parameter

  • Model

  • SLM630B

  • Power supply

  • 3.3V~4.2V (Typical 3.3V)

  • Band

  • TD-LTE: Band38/39/40/41

  • FDD-LTE: B1/3

  • WCDMA: B1

  • TD-SCDMA: B34/39

  • EVDO: BC0

  • CDMA 1x: BC0

  • GSM: Band 8/3

  • Data

  • TD-LTE: Rel 9 Cat3 TD-LTE 61Mbps/18Mbps

  • FDD-LTE: Rel 9 Cat3 FDD-LTE 100Mbps/50Mbps

  • DC-HSPA+: 42Mbps/5.76Mbps

  • HSPA: 7.2Mbps/5.76Mbps

  • WCDMA: 384kbps/384kbps

  • EVDO RevB: 14.7Mbps/5.4Mbps

  • EVDO RevA: 3.1Mbps/1.8Mbps

  • TD-HSPA: 4.2Mbps/2.2Mbps

  • TD-SCDMA: 384kbps/384kbps

  • CDMA: 1x 153.6kbps/153.6kbps

  • EDGE: 236.8kbps/236.8kbps

  • GPRS: 85.6kbps/85.6kbps

  • CSD: GSM CSD: 14.4kbps

  • TCP/IP:Embedded TCP/IP protocol stack

  • Connector

  • PCI express Mini Card connector

  • HRS U.FL-R-SMT-1 RF connector ×3

  • Dimensions

  • 51.0×30.0×4.8mm

  • Weight

  • <11.5g

  • Approvals

  • RoHS  CCC

  • Related technical information:SLM630B

9.2 Firmware follow

1.The name of official firmware to support the 4G Module with the words "MeiGSLM630B", such as:

2.After updating the code, please support the 4G module package according to the instructions of the fix packpatch packaga

9.3 Picture

主图 en.jpg

9.4 Connection Method

USB套件连接 en.jpg天线连接 en.jpg

10 EC20 4G module

10.1 Product Parameter

  • Model

  • EC20-C R2.0 Mini PCIe-C

  • Power supply

  • 3.3V~3.6V (Typical 3.3V)

  • Band

  • TDD-LTE: B38/B39/B40/B41

  • FDD-LTE:B1/B3/B8

  • WCDMA: B1/B8

  • TD-SCDMA: B34/B39

  • GSM: 900/1800

  • Data

  • TDD-LTE: Max 130Mbps (DL) Max 35Mbps (UL)

  • FDD-LTE: Max 150Mbps (DL) Max 50Mbps (UL)

  • DC-HSPA+: Max 42Mbps (DL) Max 5.76Mbps (UL)

  • UMTS: Max 384Kbps (DL) Max 384Kbps (UL)

  • CDMA: Max 3.1Mbps (DL) Max 1.8Mbps (UL)

  • TD-SCDMA: Max 4.2Mbps (DL) Max 2.2Mbps (UL)

  • EDGE: Max 236.8Kbps (DL) Max 236.8Kbps (UL)

  • GPRS: Max 85.6Kbps (DL) Max 85.6Kbps (UL)

  • Connector

  • USB: USB 2.0 high-speed interface, 480Mbps

  • Digital voice: 1 digital voice interface (optional)

  • USIM: 1.8 V / 3 V

  • Network instructions: * 2, NET_STATUS, and NET_MODE

  • UART: x 1 UART

  • Reset: low level

  • PWRKEY: low level

  • Antenna interface: x 3 (main antenna, split antenna and GNSS antenna interface)

  • ADC: x 2

  • Dimensions

  • 51.0×30.0×4.9mm

  • Weight

  • About 10.5 g

  • Approvals

  • CCC/ NAL*/ TA

10.2 Firmware follow

The official firmware name that supports the 4G module contains the word "EC20", such as



11 GPS Module

11.1 Product Parameter

GPS parameter en.jpg

Firefly-RK3288 Firmware:Firefly-RK3288_Android5.1_gps_20170817
Firefly-RK3288-Reload Firmware:Firefly-RK3288-reload_Android5.1_gps_20170817
After updating the code, follow the instructions in the patch, and support the use of GPS Module PATCH(With captions)