Based on depth learning algorithm, Firefly face recognition system can off-line face detection, feature extraction and similarity comparison, and open the SDK to provide a complete API.

Open the SDK

Open the Ubuntu-based SDK

Stand-Alone Work

Realize offline single face recognition

< 0.5s

The extreme speed completes face detection and feature matching

> 99%

Face recognition accuracy

Multi-Person identification

Recognition of many people at the same time


Face recognition performance improved


Face contrast

Open SDK to provide a complete API, achieve faster independent product features

Stand-Alone Work, without remote server, the image inspection, extraction, comparison work

Based on ARM NEON | Mali GPU | Perfblas | CNN Smart acceleration with 280 +

Complete face detection, extraction and comparison <0.5s, and face recognition accuracy > 99%

1:1 face comparison, 1:N face recognition, face location, face authentication

Support USB camera, image file face data acquisition

Support for multiple ways of data exchange, local and remote database access

Depth of optimization Ubuntu , support for proprietary face recognition acceleration framework


Intelligent Security

Face recognition technology is widely used in video surveillance, import and export control, access control, identity verification and other important security areas.

Intelligent Tax

Integration of high-precision face recognition technology, improve the tax service hall integrated service management level, to achieve integrated management.


Face recognition technology to help banks and other financial institutions to complete the real-name system verification, identity real-time verification, self-help ID card verification.


In the admission examination using face recognition to achieve a document security, standard consistent, evidence to save.


Face recognition technology can be used to store, business building monitoring, gates and other security facilities, and to achieve customer traffic monitoring.

Solution Cooperation
Face recognition solution is a hardware and software integration of commercial-level solutions can be used for product development, can also be applied as a terminal product.