Station OS Dual Mode · Desktop&Media System

2020-03-21 15:14

Station OS integrates the two modes of PC Desktop and Media, so the seamless switching among work, study and entertainment are available.


Station Desktop, an Android-based PC Operating System

As an Android-based PC operating system, it is jointly developed by Firefly and Phoenix OS, integrating many typical characteristics of the personal computer: desktop, multi-window, status bar, keyboard-and-mouse operation and etc. It also absorbs the system ecology of rich applications and games from Android. Therefore, you can experience all the excellent properties of Android and PC bases on the device.


Station Media, a Minimalist Video Entertainment System

As an Android-based video entertainment system, it possesses a strong local video library. It combines the minimalist design philosophy with the innovative interactive mode, bringing you a different audio-visual feast and operating experience.


Download Station OS firmware