Ubuntu Dual-Screen Display
2017-01-11 12:06:46 Submit

After Firefly team has been depth optimized the GPU driver in Ubuntu, Firefly development board has been able to achieve dual display for different content, it means that the two displays can be combined into one display screen .

1. Application

Dual display can be applied to many products, including POS Machines, KTV Machine,  Office,  Game Machine.


2. GPU Efficiency

Due to Firefly team has been depth optimized Firefly-RK3288 GPU, the dual display for different content can achieve easily. The following is glmarks test of GPU depth optimization in Ubuntu.


Firefly-RK3288 uses VGA and HDMI to connect two Samsung 1080P monitors respectively, the two monitors can be combined into one full-screen display and the background image can be switched independently.

4. Firmware Download


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