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Firefly team is looking for and screening cutting-edge technology constantly. We are committed to open source projects and help people make their ideas come true through promote the open source culture and knowledge. Firefly has been launched four open-source platform: Firefly-RK3288, FireBLE, FirePrime, and support the SDK (Software Development Kit) and routines, provide a wealth of teaching materials, but also on the SDK and teaching materials for continuous updating and maintenance.
FirePrime run Android 5.1 and Ubuntu 15.04 Dual System
Firefly will lead you review MakerFaire 2015
Firefly-RK3288 light up your idea!
Firefly-RK3288 - promotional video
Firefly-RK3288 multi-window display function
Dual display function of Firefly-RK3288
Firefly RK3288 H.264 codec example - network camera
8. Firefly Opensource team Introduction
Firefly-RK3288 - Dual interactive
FirePrime with 10.1 inch display module
Firefly RK3288 VGA&HDMI Dual Display Function
Firefly RK3288 Run Open GL ES Demo